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h0lywood asked: ya i know so once i get back to school tell me when you're in salisbury and we will chill and be super cool together!

Okay (:



Today, I read an article about a woman with HIV who was raped. The man that attacked her is now HIV positive. All of the commentary surround this was about how she should have told him she was HIV+ and that women with HIV should have a badge or special underwear so that this doesn’t happen to another man. It is 12:12am and I am already done with the world. 

That is rape culture

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oh fucking hell this is more than perfect and one of the best things a guy could ever do to you, saying ‘she s mine’ with that gesture

h0lywood asked: i want to hang out with you!

Oh my goodness I know you seem so cool and I’ve never really met you

rainontheroad asked: I forget to tell you sometimes but you're a great friend and I love you 💘

Awh you’re the sweetest bestest friend ever (:

love you tooooooo